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Funerary monuments and memorials

“…Headstones – the oldest form of funeral art – meet a need that is deeply rooted in social practice. Aside from their role in expressing and alleviating loved ones’ pain, these monuments remain essential symbols for family contemplation.”

How to I do?

You should help us fully understand your needs, so we can give you the right advice. We invite you to visit the inspiration section of our website, where you can find pictures of various options, as well as our previous accomplishments, to help you fill out the form below.

In short, we need to know:

  • Is it a new monument or a repair?

  • What shape do you want? (square, oval, circle, angel, etc.)?

  • What color do you want?

  • What do you want for texture (polished, rough, etc.)?

  • Do you want a vase? And if so what color?

  • What is the message that you would like to have engraved?

  • Do you want an engraved photo, a macaroon style photo or another image?

  • What is your approximate budget (a funeral monument can cost between $ 1000 and $ 3000. In fact, there is no real limit to what can be done)?

  • When would you like to receive your monument?

  • Where will the monument be?

  • If you have found an image or a model that inspires you, we invite you to download it below.

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Tree of Life monuments

offer a way that's

different and lively to create a space for those you have loved.


The Life urns

The ecological biodegradable urn honors the continuation of life while allowing nature to act.

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