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A few ideas and inspirational messages to help you, quite simply, find the right words.

•                Only the sweetest memories should linger from the past.


•                Forever in our hearts. Rest in peace.


•                Beings of light are never truly gone.


•                We are not dead if we live on in the hearts of those we love.


•                You silently took flight, heading for the heavens.


•                Once the joy of your family, you are now their guardian angel.


•                Within the universe, life does not end – it is eternal.


•                “God, grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change…                     Courage to change the things I can… and Wisdom to know the       difference.”


•                Continue to watch over us from up above.


•                We are never dead if we live on in the hearts of those who loved us.


•                Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.



•                Your memory will remain forever in our hearts.


•                A life well lived… a rest well earned.


•                Goodbye for now…


•                We will never forget you and will love you always.


•                Of the thousands of people we meet during our lives, none can ever replace the one so lovingly called dad,


•                Life leads to death, and each one of us will sail into port when our     time comes. I have just set off a little early.


•                You will remain forever in our hearts.


•                The leaves fall and the seasons pass – only memory is eternal.


•                Think of the new life I have begun, not the one now ended.


•                You will always remain alive in our hearts.


•                Watch over all of us – we love you and will never forget you.


•                He left us quietly and peacefully, like a leaf blown away by the wind.


•                The eternal day has now dawned.


•                Protect us from above – we will never forget you.


•                You will always be in our hearts.


•                Rest in peace with those who have gone before you and watch over those who remain.


•                To live in the hearts of others is not to die.


•                I am reunited with those I loved and I now await the ones I love.


•                Continue to pray for us from up above.


•                He will remain the light of our lives.


•                A mother’s goodness and courage will never disappear.


•                Be our guardian angel from up above.


•                You will always live in our hearts. We will love you forever.


•                Happiness is often no more than a single flower.


•                Look to the sun for warmth in times of trouble – that’s where you will find me.

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