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Sea Flowers

Flowers have a way of bringing light and hope – anywhere, at any time. Colours, textures and the depth of various materials can be used to highlight an event, a special moment or a personality.


The Sea Flowers option provides floral arrangements for funerary monuments and vases made of stone. This blend of natural materials, adapted shapes and hardy flowers can be arranged in one of many compositions that reflect the personality of the deceased. With proper care and cold-season storage, this type of arrangement can easily last two (2) to three (3) years.



•   Floral arrangement for the headstone or cemetery vase

•   High-quality hardy flowers

•   Beach wood, foam, branches and natural materials

•   One-year (1-year) product warranty in case of a durability problem (composition).


Other resources:

•   Custom design reflecting the deceased person’s passions, hobbies and preferences.

•    Monument and floral arrangement care for two (2) years (environmentally responsible care twice yearly, storage and installation).



Between $125 and $200 for a headstone arrangement

Between $100 and $150 for a vase arrangement

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