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Tree of Life monuments

The loss of a loved one means we must close off a part of our own life. Memories, laughter and good times are still very present. Monuments Déraspe greatly values memories and the power of symbols as a means of commemorating the earthly presence of our loved ones.

We recently developed a model, in stone, that pays tribute to those who have left us, while leaving a legacy of memories for future generations.

Tree of Life monuments provide you with a stone funerary monument that bears the engraved message of your choice, with a centre space for planting a tree that will grow along with your memories of the departed.

Project stages

1. We start by making a solid base, using the stone of your choice.

2. We engrave the epitaph you have chosen and put up the monument at the required location.

3. We then study and work the soil in the centre, to select and plant the right tree species – one that will survive and grow, based on the surrounding environment.

The Tree of Life is a unique, living way to pay tribute to those who were so loved by us.


  • Stone funerary monument with epitaph

  • Soil testing, to properly assess the type of tree or shrub species best adapted to the location

  • Tree or shrub

  • Fertilizer and potting soil, to stimulate growth of the tree or shrub

  • Two-year (2-year) warranty on product, in case the tree or shrub has growth problems.

Other resources available:

  • Photos or images engraved on the monument

  • Maintenance contract for the monument and the tree or shrub (environmentally responsible cleaning, fertilizer, weeding and pruning)

  • Condition Check Visits

  • Maintenance service for other years

  • Cleaning service as needed



Cost :

Variable - Fill out the online form



Possible trees and shrubs


Other models are

available on request (it also

possible to make a custom piece)

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